Collection: Daily planning journals

Life is ok, but you just don't feel it. You know you could feel healthier but you are missing the motivation. You find it difficult to find a reason to be happy or grateful for life. If any of these sound like you, I have been there too. It took me a hospital stay with a bleeding ulcer before I realized that I needed to take control of my life. I want to help you avoid my pitfalls, That is why I created this planning journal for you. This planning journal sets your foundation to a more satisfying life.

The BALANCED LIFE PLANNING JOURNAL will encourage you to embrace nature, positivity, and gratitude throughout your day. You will be prompted every morning to begin your day with gratitude and intention, while also committing to eat and medicate more naturally. Every night you will be able to track your success and learn where more work might be needed. There are also weekly, and monthly review sections allowing you to stay focused on what’s best for you, while assisting you in planning your next success. There are over 140 quotes throughout the book from current and historical leaders of natural health, positive thinking, gratitude and high performance. These quotes can be used as a guide to get through a challenging day, simply take a quiet minute or two, set an intention for an answer to your problem, then open the journal to any page and read the quote. This can inspire you to take the necessary actions to get you moving again. 

Committing to use A BALANCED LIFE PLANNING JOURNAL every day, you will be able to set your mind to gratitude and positivity every morning, and again in the evening. You will be encouraged to not only track the natural food and medicine in your day, but also begin learning what nutrients and health benefits those foods bring to your body. You will be able to plan your day with spaces for appointments every half hour, with prompts for you to stay hydrated.. There is room for notes and an area to rate how your day went. This one of a kind planning journal will keep you on track throughout your day, ensuring that you start off in a grateful, positive, healthy way, and end with a positive, healthy, and grateful mindset.


     The 30 DAY GRATITUDE CHALLENGE is a 30 day guide to tracking, and maintaining gratitude in your daily life. Your challenge is to commit every day, for 30 days to answer the direct questions in the morning, (that will set your day with an abundance mindset), and then again in the evening, to review how your day went, and how you can make tomorrow even better. The effectiveness of this daily guide comes from the questions you are encouraged to answer. You ask yourself every morning to think about gratitude, and then create a game plan for maintaining gratitude throughout your day. Then again in the evening, you review what worked, what made you happy, what could have been better, and how to make your tomorrow better. You will be creating lifelong habits that have the power to bring a steady stream of abundance into your life.


     The daily gratitude journal will prompt you to find the goodness in your life. Once you realize the amazing amount of wealth that you already have (that you may not have noticed before), you will find it easier to feel and share gratitude. You may just become happier, healthier, friendlier, more popular, wealthier, etc. You will find that by embracing gratitude, life becomes a lot less stressful, which will also improve your health. 

     When used regularly, this daily checklist will keep you focused on all the great things in your life. It has been scientifically proven that creating a habit takes on average twenty one days. After thirty days of your committed effort, you will have the neural pathways created in your brain that will continue providing you with a grateful mindset long after you complete this challenge. By committing to this 30 day challenge you will be reinforcing good habits that will become the norm in your life. After 30 days you will have a great foundation to creating a permanent positive mindset. Once you have the habit of feeling grateful for everything in your life (the great, good, bad, and ugly) cemented in your mind, you will be able to focus on making all of your dreams a reality.

You will become the gratitude expert and abundance will flow into your life. 

     The 30 day gratitude challenge will enable you to become more confident that life will work out, you will see more abundance in your life, you will spend less time thinking negative thoughts, which will reduce the amount of stress that you feel. 30 days to a healthier, happier, more abundant life all begins with feeling and sharing gratitude. THE 30 DAY GRATITUDE CHALLENGE gives you the tools to create the habits that will ensure your success finding abundance in your life,

      One of the keys to your satisfaction with life is to be able to recognize, and be grateful for everything you already have. This daily motivational journal will encourage you to be more satisfied with your life. You can have the things you desire, the first step is GRATITUDE. The 30 DAY GRATITUDE CHALLENGE will help you find your abundance, and become grateful for life.

     Leaders throughout history have told us that "what you think about, You bring about."

Using this gratitude checklist will encourage you to see your life in a positive way. It will assist you in finding things to be grateful for. It will keep you focused on the good in your life. Which will not only make you a happier person, but you will see others being happier around you as well. And where there is happiness, abundance tends to flow.