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Body Mind Connection



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 I had known about medical marijuana and even learned how to grow it. I was already unknowingly using it as medicine to relieve my monthly withdrawal symptoms. Growing cannabis was the only way I could afford to use it, and this also became part of my therapy.

     Then, I began learning that medical marijuana could help with eliminating opioid addiction while reducing withdrawal symptoms and providing natural pain relief. I discovered that there was proven science backing up marijuana as medicine. I researched cannabis and hemp: their uses, benefits, and side effects, and how cannabinoids help the human body create homeostasis naturally, without side effects, addiction, or overdose issues.

     Eleven years after beginning my journey with opioids, I was able to beat the addiction through the use of medical marijuana and changing to a mostly natural-food diet. Medical marijuana helped reduce my drug withdrawal symptoms, enabling me to eliminate opioids, and I credit it with saving my life. I have been pharmaceutical free since 2016.

     Because of my success using medical marijuana, I decided that I wanted to help educate others about how it might be able to help them with their own health issues.

     I've been an advocate for medical marijuana  legalization since 2014. I have lobbied senators, traveled state-wide to speak on behalf of the cannabis community, and appeared in local forums to share my journey and bring people's awareness to the benefits of medical marijuana.

     I am continually asked “How does marijuana work?” and “What is the difference between marijuana and medical marijuana?”. 

     Many people, including those in the media, are confused by the hype that CBD is getting. There is very scientific information available, how-to-get-high information, and marijuana-is-bad-for-you information. But it is difficult to find simple, easy-to-understand rules for medicating with cannabis. 

     This is where I can help. With this booklet, my goal is to dispel some myths, while educating you on a plant that has numerous health benefits. Cannabis has improved my life, and in the following pages, you'll see how it could improve yours.


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