Did you know that YOU are a part of nature? You are! Knowing that you are nature, doesn't it simply make sense to eat and medicate naturally?

Knowing how a nutrient will benefit your body begins creating a placebo effect for good health. Science is proving that knowing about the health benefits of a natural food, actually increases the healing effect of that food. If you know that eating an orange will improve your immune system. When you eat that orange, simply by you knowing the health benefits will begin improving your immune system. Attaining the most satisfying life requires you to have a total body-mind-connection. Eating the natural food, and knowing about the health benefits of that food, WILL make that connection and WILL IMPROVE YOUR LIFE!

These natural food booklets will prepare you for making the best decisions when deciding what foods to put into your body. Then as you begin to understand plant health benefits you will complete the body-mind-connection that will transform your life. 

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